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  • We are mainly oriented on research in the areas of evolutionary parasitology with Toxoplasma gondii – human host interaction as our main model, and evolutionary psychology. Many human attributes in these areas are sex and age-dependent and the effects of latent toxoplasmosis in humans seem to be modified by human AB0 blood-group system and Rhesus factor.
  • Your country and the town of origin are interesting for epidemiological reasons: Humans get often infected with Toxoplasma in childhood, your data might help us precise our current knowledge of the prevalence of this important human parasite. This could potentially help save lives. If you want to know more about Toxoplasma, we have dedicated it a standalone website with a list of questions and answers for public (in English and as of now nine other language mutations) and a collection of science articles on effects of toxoplasmosis on its human intermediate hosts – you’ll find it under a subdomain
  • Evolutionary psychology focuses on finding the evolutionary origins of human behavior. As you probably know, there is a long-standing debate on nature versus nurture in pretty much everything concerning psychology and human culture. To decide which types of behavior and thinking is culturally depended and which is, actually, inborn, we need to know which culture have you grown in and which one is affecting you now – that’s why we ask you also about your current country and town.
  • As stated in the Private Data Policy, we need your e-mail address to be able to tell you when we are starting a new research, and it is also a mean for you to have your Bunny ID sent to you in case you lose it. We don’t display your Bunny ID on the web nor give it to anyone who asks – we only send it directly to your e-mail.
  • We would like to know your primary language so we can prepare language mutations of our webs for our most common visitors.