1. How Do We Store Your Data?

Questionnaire data are collected through a specialized web service Qualtrics. We are satisfied with their safety measures about which you can check for yourself here. Furthermore, all the questionnaires are anonymous or signed only by your “Bunny ID” (i.e. your registration number). You choose whether you sign the questionnaire with your Bunny ID or not, and you can do so at the end of the questionnaire – after you know all the questions you answered. We never ask for your name or e-mail address in the questionnaires.

The database that connects you “Bunny ID” with your e-mail address is stored outside Qualtrics on a separate server, and the e-mail address is hashed. We never show your “Bunny ID” on the web, both at the time of your registration and in case you lose or forget it, we only send it to your confirmed e-mail address.

All the registration info in non-encrypted form is temporarily stored on yet another server and regularly downloaded; then it is permanently stored on an encrypted external memory, which is not connected to the Internet. This way, none of your identifiable data stay on the internet nor are they connected with

2. How Do We Process Your Data?

All the collected data are used for research purposes only and they are completely anonymized before processing. Nonanonymized data are never shared with third parties. Anonymized data might be shared and/or published in web repositories so we can collaborate with other institutions and other research groups can replicate our experiments. Anonymization strips the data of all columns for identification, including the “Bunny ID” – after that, no one can match your answers to you by any means.

3. How Can You Quit?

All of our questionnaires are filled by volunteers.

  • You do not need to register in order to participate in our questionnaires (although we will be pleased if you do).
  • You are under no obligation to participate in all or any of our questionnaires even if you are registered.
  • You are under no obligation to sign your filled questionnaire with your “Bunny ID”.
  • You can always contact us and have all your data erased from the questionnaire(s) you filled up till the moment of anonymization – neither we nor anyone else will be able to identify your data in an anonymized file.
  • You can always ask us to erase your personal data and “Bunny ID” from our registration database.
  • You can always ask us to stop sending you any e-mails.
  • Contact e-mail address for all your questions and requests is: labbunnieseu@gmail.com

4. Why Do We Need Your E-mail Address?

We will never share your e-mail address with third parties nor send you commercial advertisements, and the communication from our side will be limited to the maximum of 4 e-mails per year. The e-mail address is required so we can share your “Bunny ID” with your and only with you at the time of registration and in case you lose or forget it. We can, also, use it to let you know about our latest questionnaires or published research (as stated previously, maximum of 4 e-mails per year).