Hello and welcome.

This is an experimental site of Jaroslav Flegr’s Laboratory of Evolutionary Biology based at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Our team focuses on various topics in evolutionary psychology and evolutionary parasitology, which is why we are always looking for people willing to invest their time and fill out some of our questionnaires. In exchange, they’ll learn something about humanity and themselves.

You can read our published papers on our main website www.flegr.com, follow us on facebook, and, of course, help us with our experiments.

How can you help us?

  1. Like our facebook page, so you are always informed about new questionnaires and experiments.
  2. Fill out our questionnaires, which you can do either completely anonymously or you can…
  3. Register as our “lab bunny”. You’ll get your own experimental ID which you can (but don’t have to) use to “sign” your filled questionnaires. It will allow us to link together all of the questionnaires you have completed and thus get more detailed statistical data. Don’t worry, the possibility to add your ID is on the end of our questionnaires, so you can decide whether you are comfortable with adding your identity to the answers.
  4. Get your hands on the research. Seriously, we want you. We welcome participants willing to cooperate with us on our research. Whether you are a capable statistician or just a regular guy wanting to have his print on research, we have work for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay for the help; we can, however, guarantee you your name on a published scientific article.

Have you filled out our latest questionnaires?

Rhesus Factor: Our questionnaire focused on possible associations pf Rh factor and health can be found here.
Flower Preference Questionnaire: This project searches for the morphological flower traits that influence the attractiveness of flowers to humans. Link here
Critters: How dangerous or repulsive do you find certain creatures? Click here to view the questionnaire.